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Peer Support & Resiliency Residences

Our Mission is to create resilient communities throughout Rural Central Wisconsin by providing resources, education and advocacy using evidence based practices.

Our Mission is:

Building healthy and resilient communities

Resilience is Real Recovery 

When we focus on resiliency, we care for the individual holistically, when the individual becomes resilient, it has a profound impact on the community.

Lived Experience

Treatment for substance use disorder is critical, which is why we partner with providers for that level of care and we can focus on providing peer services

Measurable Outcomes

By partnering with Commonly Well Impact uses the Recovery Capital Index. This tool helps us focus on resiliency and recovery naturaly follows.

Staying the Course

Resiliency is not achieved in a day. Recovery from substance use disorder and crisis takes time. We walk along side of our clients until they are sure we have helped them find overall wellbeing. 

Treatment Services and Peer Support

We believe there is an entire recovery ecosystem that when put into practice provides  the tools needed to build a healthy and resilient community.

Resiliency Residences and Aftercare 

When our partners have finished providing inpatient treatment services, and continue care with outpatient, we provide recovery residences and peer lead aftercare.

Impact Wisconsin | Building Resilient Communities

Area Served

Waupaca County and surrounding central rual Wisconsin 

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