Waupaca County

Peer Support Crisis Line

Impact Wisconsin’s Peer Support Crisis Line offers access to local peer support and resources 24/7/365 to ensure someone is there when you need them

What is peer support crisis line?

A peer support addiction crisis hotline is a phone line staffed by our trained volunteers and paid workers who have personal experience with addiction and recovery. We offer confidential, non-judgmental support and guidance to people facing addiction challenges and/or in crisis

What makes the difference?
    • Empathy and understanding: Peer supporters “get it” because they’ve walked a similar path. This can make it easier for callers to open up and feel heard.
    • Hope and encouragement: Peer supporters can share their own stories of recovery, offering hope and inspiration to callers who may feel lost or hopeless.
    • Practical guidance: Peer supporters can provide information and resources on addiction treatment, support groups, and other helpful services.
    • Crisis intervention: Some hotlines are equipped to handle crisis situations and can offer de-escalation techniques or connect callers with emergency services if needed.


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Impact Wisconsin | Crisis and Recovery Solutions

Counties Served

Waupaca, Waushara, Outagamie, Portage, Winnebago and Shawano

Crisis Line

Crisis Line Hours

24/ 7 / 365

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