Crisis Care

Crisis care has several purposes. It aims to:

  • Reduce the intensity of an individual’s emotional, mental, physical and behavioral reactions to a crisis.
  • Help individuals return to their level of functioning before the crisis.
  • Improve functioning above and beyond this by developing new coping skills and eliminating ineffective ways of coping, such as withdrawal, isolation, and substance abuse.
  • Assist individual in coping with future difficulties more effectively.


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Helping in Crisis and Building Community

Judgement Free Zone

We accept all clients without judgement. We help them to get from where they are, in order to get them where they want to be.

Lived Experience

Having the training it takes to work with those in crisis cannot be replaced, but lived experience is what makes the difference to our clients. 

Progress not Perfection

We encourage our clients to focus on smaller achievements not just the end goal. This creates an attitude of gratitude

Staying the Course

A crisis is not resolved with a single visit and the long term ramifications require long term care for individuals. We are there for the long haul

How we make an impact…

Our crisis intervention team assesses and will triage the situation to diffuse the crisis and prioritize the need for urgent attention of medical or mental health personnel in emergency or community care settings. We rely on many other community resources for additional support.

When situations are less urgent, the crisis team can provide useful resources in the community to affected individuals. Crisis intervention plays a significant role to appropriately address crisis scenarios with compassion. 

Crisis intervention and addiction recovery in Waupaca County

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